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Montoro® Concept

Bringing you a chrome-tanned, dressed and pigmented grained, upholstery leather, dyed with aniline. Our hides measure on average 5 m2 and you'll find them wonderfully soft and supple. These technical characteristics and ease of maintenance are indications of their quality.

To view the designs/colours in our Montoro® Concept collection, please click on the images below.







Leather is a natural product; every hide is unique and therefore non-reproducible. Differences in colour and structure are inevitable and are proof of authenticity and no motif for complaints. Natural characteristics like fat folds, hedge scars, healed wounds, insect bites, veins and irregularities remain as evidence of a genuine original. Please note that natural aniline and nubuck leathers can vary considerably in structure, color and appearance. This is absolutely normal and part of the properties of natural and unaltered real leather.

All 45 colours are available in half and whole hides.

All data is based on average values. Data subject to change.


Montoro Concept
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