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Like Leather – it’s virtually impossible for you to tell the difference between real leather and leather like products, such as Micropore® and Decovin®.

You will find that our range of faux leathers are soft, silky, elegant and rub resistant. They are also easy for you to clean and work with. Choose from a wide selection of colours and grains.

Micropore® and Decovin® are registered trademarks of Winter Creation Ltd.

To view our Leatherlikes collections, please click on the images below.


Decovin® Contract FR
Decovin® Contract M1
Decovin® Extreme
Decovin® Lagoon
Decovin® Nappa
Decovin® Nappa FR
Decovin® Nappa M1
Decovin® Ostra
Decovin® Ostra FR
Decovin® Sana
Decovin® Tec M1
Decovin® Trend
Decovin® Top
Micropore® FR
Micropore® Nappa
Micropore® Royal
Decovin Cottage
Decovin Diamond
Decovin 50's
Decovin Stitch
Decovin Panama
Microweb Chenille
Microweb Lano FR
Plain Faux leather
Textured Faux Leather
Ronda Anti Bac Anti- Fungal
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